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TSANG Siu Chung
  • Graduation Year : 2015 
  • Graduate of BSc (Hons) in Mathematics and Statistics
  • Minor in Philosophy

The enthusiastic atmosphere of Religion and Philosophy classes aroused my interest in Philosophy. I gained a lot during my minor study and I encourage HKBU students to take the courses and talks offered by the Department of Religion and Philosophy. Come and give yourself a chance to think about your life and the society during your university life!

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  • Graduate  Year : 2014
  • Graduate of BA (Hons) in Chinese Language and Literature
  • Minor in Religious Studies 

As a course instructor of the Department of Religion and Philosophy has mentioned, the root of the word “Decide” and “Suicide” is the same. Making decision is actually killing another possibility. The decision to minor in Religious Studies is killing the chance to take courses in other areas. Nonetheless, after three years of study in the humanities, I have no regret to be a killer. 

LEUNG Kam Hung
  • Graduation Year: 2014
  • Graduate of BSSc (Hons) in Sociology
  • Minor in Philosophy 

The courses offered by Department of Religion and Philosophy had aroused my interest in this field and I decided to study Christian Studies at CUHK after graduation. It is my luck to meet good teachers here and I would like to thank all professors of the Department of Religion and Philosophy who taught me before. 

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TAM Tsz Wai
  • Graduation Year : 2020
  • Graduate of BA (Hons) in Chinese Language and Literature
  • Minor in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

It is my pleasure to study a minor in RPE. Though the courses offered by REL are not easy, they are all very fascinating! The rich atmosphere of discussion and interaction and strict academic training provides an ideal learning environment for me more than I expected. Every time when I had questions in the course, teachers were willing to answer my questions and encourage me though this used up lots of their time. This makes me feel the happiness of studying humanities. As a minor student, I would like to thank to the acceptance and inclusion of the Department, making me feel part of them. I could easily feel the generosity and passion of the teachers and students of REL, when I joined the Dunhuang-Xinjiang Study Tour or the Study Group of the REL. I am much indebted from the words of wisdom and inspiration that they gave me.