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Career and Further Studies

Career and Further Studies

The programme provides high-quality training which enables students to engage in independent academic research. Graduates in RPE will be well-equipped for postgraduate studies. Graduates can choose a career not only in teaching Ethics and Religious Studies (after obtaining PGDE/DipEd from a qualified tertiary institution), but also in cultural affairs, publication business, religion-related social service agencies, administration of the civil service and the business sector.

Recently the whole concept of the function of higher education has changed. The significant role of higher education is the training of analytical and critical thinking, creativity and flexibility, and a broad base of knowledge. Employers in Hong Kong are looking for these qualities rather than hard skills in a very narrow scope which may become obsolete in few years. Nowadays, graduate with good training in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics can go into a wide variety of fields for career development. According to the employment survey conducted by the Office of Student Affairs, the mean monthly salary of our 2022 graduates is HK$18,624, ranking the forth among all programmes offered by the Faculty of Arts.


Employment Survey Result of our Graduates:
Commerce / Industry29%22%29%
Community / Social Services33%4%10%
Further Studies9%26%29%