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Religion and Philosophy Society

Religion and Philosophy Society

Religion and Philosophy Society is an independent society run by enthusiastic major undergraduate students of our Department every year. The Society establishes close connection with the Department, and serves as a bridge of communication between the Department and students. The Society and the Department jointly organize the High Table Dinner every year as well as other extra-curricular activities. Students can reflect their opinion and concern on the programme and the Department and vice versa from time to time, thus encouraging mutual communication and improving students’ learning experience in our Department.


In addition, students can also experience close student-teacher relationship, which is a unique feature in our Department. A lot of gatherings and learning opportunities, such as Orientation Day, gatherings at professor’s home, Christmas party, Chinese New Year gathering, Sports Day, High Tea, Career Talk, CV Writing Workshop, Study Group etc., will be organized throughout the year, some of which are collaborating with the student society.


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