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Overseas Tour

The Dunhuang-Xinjiang Study Tour

The Department organizes study tours to various places. The Dunhuang-Xinjiang Study Tour is a special joint programme co-organized by the Department of Religion and Philosophy, HKBU and the School of History and Culture, Lanzhou University. The ten-day tour offers a unique opportunity through which students learn about and experience a variety of religious and intra-cultural traditions.


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Overseas Tour






Europe Study Tour

The Europe Study Tour, which aims to provide an excellent way for students to get first-hand information about religious issues and enjoy a unique learning experience, broadening their horizons of understanding western European countries and enriching their knowledge of different historical periods of Christianity. 


Besides the above summer tours, we also organize short trips outside Hong Kong during the semesters, such as Guangzhou and Macau, to explore different religious activities in the neighbouring region.


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A Taste of Student Life at Cambridge: Faraday Institute Enrichment Programme on Science and Religion

This programme is aimed at providing an enrichment through immersion in the contemporary intellectual dialogue between science and religion, facilitated by the professional staff of The Faraday Institute and Cambridge University faculty. Students will be accommodated in one of the Cambridge Colleges.


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Notre Dame

Studying at University of Notre Dame - American Semester Abroad Programme 

This is a credit-bearing program that allows students to take 12-17 credits during a semester spent abroad at the University of Notre Dame. Students also have the option of spending a full academic year at Notre Dame. Students take classes offered by the College of Arts & Letters, College of Science, College of Engineering, and School of Architecture. They will be given an official Notre Dame transcript upon the completion of the program. Students will be able to select their courses after they are admitted to the program. 


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