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Although we are a relatively small department, our faculty members are active in applying for internal and external research grants. Over the past years, we have successfully obtained a remarkable number of grants, in which 15 of them are GRF/ECS grants from the RGC in the past five years. These grants allow our faculty members to work on their high quality research projects, such as applied ethics, philosophy of language, the social engagement of Christians in Hong Kong, and Kantian studies in a contemporary context.  

Our two research centres, Centre for Applied Ethics and Centre for Sino-Christian Studies, have also secured a decent amount of external grants and private donation that makes more collaborative research projects possible. 
Some notable recent examples of research grants obtained can be found below. You can also browse our individual faculty members’ profile for details.


Name of ResearcherProject TitleYear
(in descending order)
Dr. MAK Kam-wah George Lingnan Culture and the World: Construction and Change in the Cultural Landscape of Cantonese Literati from the late Qing to the Republican era in China (1821–1949)2023-
Dr. ROBERTSON, Rachel SiowOnline Course: An Introduction to Digital Ethics2023-2025
Dr Kwok, Wai-luen Transnational Religious Exchange of Chinese Protestant Christians and Its Socio-Cultural Impacts: The Case of The Chinese Coordination Centre of World Evangelism, 1974-20212022-2025
Dr. MAK Kam-wah George Hong Kong as the World Centre for Chinese Protestant Bible Publishing and Distribution, 1951-19652022-2025
Dr. Andrew Timothy BrennerThe Mystery of Personal Identity2021-2023
Prof. Stephen Richard PalmquistA Kantian Systematic Theology for the Twenty-First Century2019-2022
Dr. Loke Ter Ern Andrew

A Reassessment of the Cosmological and Teleological Arguments for the Existence of God

Prof. Zhang Ellen Ying

Chinese and Cross-Cultural Health Humanities: Body, Mind, and Well-Being in the Contemporary Context

Prof. Lauren F. Pfister

Interpreting Foreign and Minority Language Renderings of the Lunyu / Confucian Analects

Dr. Lee Siu FanHow Proper Names Refer: Is Causal Descriptivism Defensible?2018-2020
Prof. Stephen Richard PalmquistComprehensive Commentary on Kant’s Prolegomena2018-2020
Dr. Chan Shing Bun Benedict

A Philosophical Investigation of the Ethics of Human Rights to Health

Dr. Kwok Wai Luen

Religious Discourse, Social Participation, and Identity Construction of Hong Kong Protestant Christians from 1970 to 1997: An Oral and Documentary History

Prof. Lo Ping Cheung

Realism and Warfare Ethics in Early China: A Cross-cultural Analysis of Hanfeizi

Dr. Mak Kam Wah George

The Annotation Question of the Chinese Protestant Bible, 1877-1917

Prof. Lauren F. Pfister

Exploring Two Major savant missionaires’ Hermeneutic Engagements with Classical and Modern China: The French Jesuits Seraphin Couvreur (1835-1919) and Leon Wieger (1856-1933)

Dr. Zhang Ellen Ying

Early Daoist Philosophies of War and Peace and Their Contemporary Explications

Dr. Lee Siu FanMeaning and Modality: A Foundational Study towards a New Theory of Names2015-2017
Dr. Eirik Lang HarrisHan Fei’s Political Philosophy2014-2017
Dr. Kwok Wai LuenThe concept of social justice in the periodicals of foreign religions in China, 1911-1949: Protestant Christianity and Islam2014-2017
Prof. Chan Shun HingThe Political Influence of the Protestant Churches in Hong Kong2013-2015
Prof. Chan Shun HingThe Political Influence of the Catholic Church in Hong Kong2012-2014