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Research Projects 

  • Psychology and Christianity
  • Peacebuilding
  • Intelligent Design in the Origin of Life and the Universe
  • Modern Education in China and Its Impacts
  • Sino-Western Cultural Exchange and the Development of Christianity in China
  • The Reformation’s Culturally Transformative Influences and Impacts: European and Asia Cultural Perspectives
  • Civil Society and Christian Religion in Greater China
  • Justice and Charity in a Secular Age: Philosophical, Ethical and Theological Perspectives
  • Christian Family-Marriage Values and Secular Age Multidisciplinary Explorations
  • International Conference in Commemoration of the Fifth Centenary of the Birth of St. Teresa of Avila: “In Union with God: St. Teresa of Avila and the Contemporary World”
  • Ultimate Concern: Paul Tillich, Confucianism and Buddhism Conference
  • Chinese Christianity and its Spiritual Disciplines
  • Religious Dialogue between Christianity and other Chinese Religious Traditions
  • Modern and Contemporary Sinologists’ Classical Translations and Chinese Works
  • Religion, Moral Development and Liberal Society



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Books/ Journals

The Centre organizes academic conferences from time to time and selected conference papers were published in books or journals.






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A publication of Centre for Sino-Christian Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University


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  • Reproduction is permitted for educational purpose, please contact Centre for Sino-Christian Studies.  Users are requested to credit Newsletter of the Centre for Sino-Christian Studies and the author(s).  A copy of the reprinted material should be sent to the Editorial Board.




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Some of the Centre researchers' articles on Christianity Theology, Christianity Ethics, Christianity Philosophy and Science & Theology are selected for sharing .