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The Centre for Sino-Christian Studies (CSCS) was established in July 2001. Its predecessor was the Research Programme of Christianity in East Asian Contexts (1997-1999) under the David C. Lam Institute for East-West Studies. Our members have been for many years active in research in Christian thought, especially in the areas of theological, philosophical, and socio-political studies. The establishment of the Centre, has served as a rallying point for integrating various individual research activities into major and more in-depth research projects within the Chinese context.


The importance of Sino-Christian Studies has been widely recognized by leading academic institutions. Many research institutes have recently been established in mainland China and Taiwan. This trend clearly reflects the recognition within academia of the significance of the study of Christian thought, which is integral to Western culture, for the renewal and modernization of Chinese culture. Being the only local university with a strong Christian heritage and commitment, the University is well-positioned to establish a research centre in Sino-Christian studies to help advance Christian scholarship and sustain the vitality of "the University's heritage of Christian higher education within a Chinese cultural setting," as stated in the University's Mission Statement.

Missions and Objectives

The Centre seeks to coalesce research in the field of Christian studies in the Chinese context; in particular, to explore the cultural significance of Christianity in the context of contemporary Chinese culture. It strives to excel in the following three areas of Sino-Christian thought: theological, philosophical, and socio-political. It endeavours, as far as possible, to integrate all these three approaches into each of its research projects so as to provide a broader perspectives and a multi-disciplined approach. It will promote inter-disciplinary dialogues between Christian Studies and other academic disciplines, such as natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, etc. It aims to establish and coordinate regional and international networks of Christian Studies in the “Cultural China”.



Centre’s Logo

The Centre’s logo is formed by an ornamental column, a spear, a fountain, and a cross.

  1. Ornamental Column : traditional symbol of Chinese culture, representing research in the context of Chinese culture
  2. Spear: a new start, representing vitality and innovation
  3. Fountain: energetic and long-lasting, implying that there is no end to knowledge
  4. Cross: Christianity

The upper part of the logo is an open book CSCS
‘CSCS’, the name of the centre, is hidden on the left side. cscs 


Contact Us

Centre for Sino-Christian Studies

Room 109E, 1/F, Tsuen Wan Campus,

Hong Kong Baptist University, 

Riviera Gardens, 2-12 Yi Lok Street,

Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong


Tel: (852) 3411 5370

Fax: (852) 3411 5151