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Our Centre emphasizes team researches, we believe that is the raison d'être of research centres.  In most of the time, centre researchers work very closely together in collaborative research projects as well as pursuing their own individual researches.  Most of our publicatons are the result of collaborative research.




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International Journal of Chinese & Comparative Philosophy of Medicine (mainly written in Chinese, with English Abstracts)

The journal was instituted to facilitate in-depth dialogue between Chinese and Western scholarship. While the West has pioneered academic research in bioethics and the philosophy of medicine, the contribution of China’s long tradition of medical humanities, as well as its rich historical resources in philosophical and ethical thought, should not be neglected. Given that cross-cultural academic communication at times suffers simple generalization and unfruitful abstraction, this new journal will offer important opportunities for Eastern and Western scholars to engage in concrete conversations in the fields of bioethics and the philosophy of medicine. It is the editors’ hope that this journal will help to enhance the level of mutual understanding between Eastern and Western views, as well as to deepen the human intellectual capacity to cope with profound bioethical issues. 


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Ethics and Society Newsletter

A publication of Centre for Applied Ethics, Hong Kong Baptist University


  • The opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the University, or members of the Editorial Board
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