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Prof. PALMQUIST, Stephen Richard

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CEC 905
Full CV   Personal Website
  • Recipient, President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Research, 2019
  • Clerk, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) Hong Kong Meeting
  • B.A., Westmont College, U.S.A.
  • D.Phil., Oxford University, U.K.
Work Experience:
  • Visiting Professor, Sogang University, South Korea
  • Visiting Scholar, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, U.S.A.
  • Part-time Lecturer, University of Hong Kong
Courses Taught:
  • GDAR 1067  Introduction to Western Philosophy 
  • GDAR1877/ GDSS1877 Dream Interpretation for Personal Growth
  • GCVM 1057  Romantic Love in Humanistic Perspectives
  • GFVM 1046 The Meaning of Love, Sex and Body
  • GTCU2055 Understanding Dreams
  • REL 2250 Hermeneutics 
  • REL 2340 Existence and Reality
  • RELI3097 Psychology and Religion
  • REL 3210 Philosophy of Religion
  • REL 3270 Mysticism and Religious Experience
  • REL 7020 Selected Masterpieces in Philosophy
  • RELI 3015 Existence and Reality
  • RELI 3086 Religion, Violence and Peace
  • RELI 4005  Philosophy of Religion
  • RELI 4015  Mysticism and Religious Experience
  • RELI 4016  Selected Topics/ Readings in Philosophical Studies  [Getting High with Kant] 
Teaching Areas:
  • Metaphysics;
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Philosophy of Love 
  • Dream Interpretation
Research Areas:
  • Kant (all aspect); philosophy of religion; logic of symbolism; philosophy of science; Yijing
Recent Publications:
  • ‘An Analysis of Kant’s Use of the Terms Objekt and Gegenstand’ and ‘Should Translation of Kant’s Key Terms Be Standardized? An Overview of Recent English Translations’, in Kants Schriften in Übersetzungen, ed. Gisela Schlüter and Hansmichael Hohenegger (Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, forthcoming 2020).
  • Religion’, in The Kantian Mind, ed. Sorin Baiasu and Mark Timmons (London: Routledge, forthcoming 2020).
  • ‘Does Tillich Have A Hidden Debt To Kant?’, Journal of Philosophical–Theological Research 21.3, Issue 81 (Autumn 2019), pp.73-88.
  • ‘Creative Genius: The Aesthetic Basis for a Kantian Symbolic Theology’, in Proceedings of the 12. International Kant Congress: Nature and Freedom (Vienna, 9/21/2015-9/25/2015), ed. Violetta L. Waibel and Margit Ruffing (Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, November 2018), pp.2885-2893.
  • ‘Philosophy as the Self-Defining Discipline’, Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy, ed. Konstantinos Boudouris, Volume 22, Metaphilosophy (Charlottesville, VA: Philosophy Documentation Centre and Greek Philosophical Society, June 2018), pp.81-85.
  • ‘An Overview of the Hong Kong Philosophy Café’s Legacy: The Public Impact of Eighteen Years of Free Philosophical Discourse’, Journal of Humanities Therapy 8.2 (December 2017), pp.75-111.
Current Projects:
  • Kant’s Critical Science: Precursor to Modern Revolutions
  • Commentary on Kant’s Prolegomena
  • Storr’s Commentary on Kant’s Religion and Kant’s Response
Selected Outputs:
  • Kant and Mysticism: Critique as the Experience of Baring All in Reason’s Light (Lanham: Lexington Books, July 2019). 167+xiv pages
  • Kant on Intuition: Western and Asian Perspectives on Transcendental Idealism, edited proceedings of the second Kant in Asia international conference (New York: Routledge, 2019 [appeared Nov. 2018]). 301+xxxi pages
  • Comprehensive Commentary on Kant’s Religion within the Bounds of Bare Reason (Chichester, UK: Wiley-Blackwell, 2016). 604+xxx pages
  • Cultivating Personhood: Kant and Asian Philosophy, edited proceedings of the first Kant in Asia international conference (Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 2010). 844+xviii pages
  • Kant’s Critical Religion: Volume Two of Kant’s System of Perspectives (London: Ashgate Publishing Company, 2000). 560+xvi pages
Knowledge Transfer Activities / Projects:
  • Chair of the Executive Committee of the Hong Kong Philosophy Café (HKPC) and Organizer of the HKPC’s Fringe Branch