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Dr. NG, Yau Nang William

Associate Professor
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CEC 807
  • Research Fellow, Centre for Sino-Christian Studies
  • Recipient, Faculty Performance Award in Service, 2019
  • BA, National Taiwan University, Taiwan 
  • MA, National Tsing-hua University, Taiwan
  • Ph.D., University of Toronto, Canada
Work Experience:
  • University of Toronto
  • National Tsinghua University
  • National Chang-hua University
Courses Taught:
  • GDAR 1057 Chinese Thoughts through Films 
  • GDAR/GDSS 1926 Service Leadership and Meaning of Life and Death
  • GFVM1045 Matters of Life and Death
  • LSE 7040 Values and Socio-cultural Issues in Hong Kong Today
  • LSE 7080 Science, Technology and Environmental Ethics
  • LSE 7150 Human Rights in a Multicultural World
  • RELI2027 Introduction to Chinese Philosophy and Religion
  • REL 2350 Philosophical Issues in Chinese Religion
  • RELI 3006 Major Streams in Chinese Philosophy
  • RELI 3135 Buddhism
  • RELI 3117 Service Leadership and Meaning of Life and Death
  • RELI4016 Selected Topics/ Readings in Philosophical Studies
Teaching Areas:
  • Matters of Life and Death
  • Buddhism
  • Major Streams in Chinese Philosophy
  • Socio-cultural issues in Hong Kong Today
  • Chinese Thoughts through Films
  • Zen Buddhism and Modern Life
  • Ethics of Life and Death
  • Service Learning Leadership and the Meaning of Life
Research Areas:
  • Chinese Philosophy and Religion; Comparative Philosophy; Buddhism, Ethics
Current Projects:
  • Animals in Buddhist Text
  • Disciplining the Body: Vegetarianism and Ideologies
Selected Outputs:
  • William Ng ed. (6/2016) 朵朵蓮生 [Lotus Blossoming: A Collection of Essays on True Buddha School]. Taipei: Liberal Arts Press, pp. 308. [Chinese]. 
  • William Ng and Keith Chan ed. (2018), Tillich and Asian Religions. Germany: De Gruyter. [English]
  • William Ng, Kwan Kaiman and Ip King-tek ed. (2018), Whole Person Education: East and West. Taipei: National Taiwan Normal University Press. [English]
  • William Ng (2009), Comparative Horizon: A Study of Contemporary Philosophy in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Liberal Arts Press. [Chinese]
  • William Ng (2016) “先秦儒學與艾資安尼新社群主義初探” [An Examination of Pre-Qin Confucianism and A. Etzioni’s Responsive Communitarianism], in 《鵝湖學誌》[Legein Semi-Annual Journal], No. 56, pp. 141-183. [Chinese Article]
Knowledge Transfer Activities / Projects:
  • A KT project was carried out with the financial support of the Knowledge Transfer Offices on the Chih Lin Complex in Diamond Hill, Kowloon. Together with Dr. Jack Lee and support staff such as Dr. Kenneth Yeung, I have finished a teaching package that can be used in teaching Liberal Studies in local secondary school. I also finished a paper entitled “Representing the Sacred and the Profane: A Preliminary Reflection on the Spatial Design and Sculptures of the Chi Lin Complex.”