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Prof. KWAN, Kai Man

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CEC 802A
  • Director, Centre for Sino-Christian Studies
  • Programme Director, M.A. in Ethics and Public Affairs
  • Lay Person Inspector of the Council on Human Reproductive Technology
  • D. Phil., Oxford University, U.K. 
  • M. Phil., Oxford University, U.K.
  • B.D., University of Aberdeen, U.K.
  • Dip. Ed., The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • B.Sc. (Eng.), The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Work Experience:

  • Theology Division, Department of Religion, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Courses Taught:
  • LSE 7040 Values and Socio-cultural Issues in Hong Kong Today
  • LSE 7130 Social Justice
  • LSE 7140 Law, Liberty & Morality
  • LSE 7150 Human Rights in a Multicultural World
  • RELI 1005 Quest for Truth and Meaning 
  • RELI 4015 Mysticism and Religious Experience
  • REL 7010 Graduate Seminar
  • REL 7071 Research Postgraduate Seminars
  • REL 7080 RPG Research Methodology Seminar in Religion and Philosophy
Teaching Areas:
  • General Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Science-religion Dialogue
  • Political Philosophy and Social Ethics
  • Comparative Religion
Research Areas:
  • Philosophy of religion; philosophy of science, science-religion dialogue, and social ethics
Current Projects:
  • Naturalistic explanations of religious experience
  • The epistemology of phenomenal conservatism
  • The critical evaluation of the harm principle
Recent Publications:
  •  “Is Soren Kierkegaard a Friend or Foe of Natural Theology? A Chinese Perspective.” Jian Dao: A Journal of Bible & Theology 53 (Jan 2020): 41-82.
  •  “The Argument from Religious Experience,” in Colin Ruloff, ed., Contemporary Arguments in Natural Theology (London: Bloomsbury Press), forthcoming.
Selected Outputs:
  • The Rainbow of Experiences, Critical Trust, and God: A Defense of Holistic Empiricism (New York: Continuum, October 2011)
  •  “The Dialectical Relationship between Human Rights and the Christian Faith: A Response to Prof. Laura Palazzani,” in Joseph Tham, Kai-man Kwan, & Alberto Garcia, eds., Religious perspectives on Human Rights and Bioethics (Springer Nature, 2017). 
  •  “Paul Tillich on the Relationship between Morality and Religion.” Journal of Sino-Christian Studies 28 (Dec 2019): 7-44.
  •  “Reformed Traditions and Human Rights: Friends or Foes?” Ching Feng, forthcoming in 2020. 
Selected Conference Presentations:
  • 〈人權與烏托邦──悲觀主義vs樂觀主義〉,「多面向的烏托邦與普世價值的追求:紀念《烏托邦》成書500周年」學術會議,2016年4月26日,國立台灣師範大學文學院、國立台灣師範大學圖書館主辦,香港浸會大學文學院協辦。
  • 〈有神論倫理與猶希佛雨難〉,「道德哲學與宗教倫理」學術會議,2016年5月6-8日,四州大學公共管理學院哲學系主辦。
  • Kai-man Kwan & Benedict Chan, “Reformation and Human Rights: Friends or Foes?”  Presented in the International Conference on “Celebrating 500 Years of the Reformation - The Reformation’s Culturally Transformative Influences and Impacts: European and Asian Cultural Perspectives,” 22-23 September 2017, co-organized by the Centre for Sino-Christian Studies, & Department of Religion and Philosophy, HKBU.
Knowledge Transfer Activities / Projects:
  • Talks on ethics, philosophy & religion in secondary schools