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The Teleological and Kala-m Cosmological Arguments Revisited by Dr. Andrew Loke

26 Oct 2023
Staff Achievement

This book makes a significant contribution by demonstrating that the Divine First Cause is the inevitable explanation for the universe’s origin, and that this conclusion avoids the god-of-the-gaps objection. It offers a new modus tollens argument which proves the causal principle “whatever begins to exist has a cause”, a new contingency argument which proves that there is a beginningless First Cause, and deduces that this First Cause has the properties of a Creator. In addition, this book offers a new deductive formulation of the Teleological Argument from the fine-tuning and order of the universe. It demonstrates that there are essential features of all possible categories of hypotheses such that, while the alternatives to design are unlikely, the Design Hypothesis is not. The book comprehensively defends every step of the arguments against objections, including classic objections by Hume and Kant and contemporary objections by Hawking, Dawkins, and Oppy.

Chinese Translation by :

CHEUNG Oi Lam Kelly (Department of Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies)

Extracted from <Arts Fanfare> Issue No. 11