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The Origin of Humanity and Evolution: Science and Scripture in Conversation by Dr. Andrew Loke

26 Oct 2023
Staff Achievement

This book addresses the recent debate in science and religion in light of evolutionary population genetics, which indicates that homo sapiens descended from a large population. Many scholars have called for a re-evaluation of the Scriptural account of human origins, claiming that science has definitely proven the account false. The contribution of this book is highly significant because it shows that these scholars are wrong, and because resolving this area of perceived conflict would greatly benefit both scientific and religious communities by enabling both to work closer together for the good of humanity. Whilst affirming
that the Bible should be interpreted according to proper hermeneutical principles, this book also assesses the scientific data according to mainstream scientific methodology. Having accomplished these tasks, it proposes a Genealogical Adam model which indicates that all humans today could have Adam as common ancestor even though this ancestor is not our sole ancestor.

Chinese Translation by :

LO Ka Hei Nicky (Department of Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies)

Extracted from <Arts Fanfare> Issue No. 11