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Live Talk : Answering Covid-19 Questions to Christianity

29 Aug 2020
Community Engagement

Live Talk : Answering Covid-19 Questions to Christianity

  1. Dr. Mark J. Boone (Hong Kong Baptist University)
  2. Dr. (Sr.) Mudita Sodder (RSCJ, Sophia College for Women, Fellowship of Indian Missiologists)
  3. Bishop Dr. Joseph Hiwale (Koinonia College of Theology, Koinonia Church Fellowship)
  4. Bro. Keneth Pervaiz (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)
  5. Rev. Luther Li (Emmanuel Christian Church)
  6. Dr. Domenic Marbaniang (Hong Kong Baptist University)
  7. Prof. J. B. Jeyaraj (Jubilee Institute)


  • Questions addressed:
  1. Did God create malevolent viruses?
  2. Should we consider COVID-19 as God's judgment of international sin in the world?
  3. What does the Bible say about suffering from natural causes?
  4. Are Christians immune to the virus, provided they have "strong faith"?
  5. What does God expect of Christians in the midst of such a crisis as the present one?
  6. 6. Should Christians regard laws forbidding public worship at churches (though not shutting down supermarkets) as a problem of "obeying God or man"? How do Catholics and Protestants respond to this?
  7. In a preface to a book, Pope Francis wrote: "“The presence of the Risen Lord in His Word and through the celebration of the Eucharist will give us the strength we need to resolve the difficulties and challenges that we will face after the coronavirus crisis.” Yes, but if Christ is risen, why do Christians need to go through suffering? Is Christian hope only about the hereafter or the coming world? How do we experience Christ's resurrection power in this life?
  8. N.T. Wright has written a book "God and the Pandemic: A Christian Reflection on the Coronavirus and its Aftermath". He explains that when natural disaster hit the early church, they didn't ask theological questions but focused on collecting and sending help to the ones in need. How would you comment on that?
  9. There are many ways in which Churches have gone online (Zoom, Google Meet, Livecast, FB streaming, etc). How do explain its theological significance in light of the New Testament?
  10. How can a pastor fulfill his pastoring ministry during a lockdown situation?




Cremation of bodies by government. What does the Bible say about funeral and resurrection?