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Interview with Postgraduate Student in Department of Religion and Philosophy: Kam Ho’s Journey in Cambridge

26 Oct 2023
Student Achievement

Mr. Chan Kam Ho, a postgraduate student in the Department of Religion and Philosophy, specializes in metaphysics and the philosophy of language. Between September and December of the prior year, Kam Ho participated in the Faraday Institute Enrichment Programme on Science and Religion in Cambridge, facilitated by his department. We are honored to have Kam Ho share his academic and personal experiences during this time studies in the United Kingdom.


Kam Ho conveyed that his primary motivation for joining the exchange programme was his interest in the intersection of religion and science, and a desire to live in Cambridge. He found that the pace of study in Cambridge was more intense compared to Hong Kong, but that there was still ample opportunity for students to express their opinions. The program also provided access to Cambridge’s historic library, filled with ancient texts, and, occasionally, he attended the renowned Choral Evensong Service at King’s College Chapel.


Kam Ho’s main aspiration for studying at Cambridge was to deepen his understanding of Philosophy, Natural Theology, and History. He particularly appreciated a lecturer who specialized in the history of religion and science from the 17th to the 19th century. This lecturer, he noted, was always open to engaging with students on various religious and historical issues outside of class hours. Kam Ho fondly recollected how this lecturer challenged the common notion that religion and science are inherently at odds, asserting that many contemporary historians view this perceived opposition as a skewed and inaccurate interpretation.


Throughout his time in Cambridge, Kam Ho had numerous opportunities to engage with scholars and students from around the world. Not only did he attend his department’s book event, but he also met a linguist specializing in Hebrew Bible Translation at the sports centre. Conversations with such individuals regularly challenged Kam Ho to identify gaps in his knowledge.


His time at Cambridge significantly broadened his values and worldview. Whenever he encountered someone deeply passionate about their studies, he was humbled, recognizing himself as merely a student.


Finally, Kam Ho encourages all undergraduate students to participate in more exchange programmes, especially those interested in the interplay of religion and science. He considers the Cambridge programme a five-star opportunity not to be missed.


Text by :

LO Yi Ching Victoria  (Department of Religion and Philosophy)

English Translation by :

LO Ka Hei Nicky (Department of Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies)

Extracted from <Arts Fanfare> Issue No. 11