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Dr. Ellen Zhang Invited to Serve as a Member of JRE’s Editorial Board Class

23 Apr 2021
Staff Achievement

Dr. Ellen Zhang is appointed as a member of the Editorial Board Class of 2027 at the Journal of Religious Ethics (JRE), starting in July this year. 


Dr. Ellen Zhang, Head of Department of Religion and Philosophy, has recently been invited by the JRE to be a member of their Editorial Board Class of 2027.


Beginning on July 1 this year, she is approved for a six-year term. 


During her tenure of office, Dr. Zhang holds advisory responsibility for matters related to the contents and scholarly standards of the journal, including review and evaluation of manuscripts and support and encouragement of submission, subscriptions and donations for publication. 

The Journal of Religious Ethics, founded in 1973, emphasizes comparative religious ethics, foundational conceptual and methodological issues in religious ethics, and historical studies of influential figures and texts.