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The Impact of ChatGPT and AI on Information and Education Ethics

18 Oct 2023
Seminar and ColloquiumCentre for Applied Ethics
18 Oct 2023
AAB 505, Academic and Administration Building, Shaw Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University+zoom: 954 2157 8988,Passcode: 752612
Dr. Elvis Liu, an Expert Engineer at Tencent;
Mr. Jacky Fung, Founding Director of Hong Kong America Education Exchange Association; and
Dr. Benedict Chan, Director, Centre for Applied Ethics; Associate Professor, Department of Religion and Philosophy, Hong Kong Baptist University

About the Speakers:


Dr. Elvis Liu

Dr. Elvis Liu is an Expert Engineer at Tencent, where he leads R&D teams specializing in network architecture, animations, generative AI, and machine learning. With extensive research and teaching experience in these fields, he has conducted research and development in Singapore, Hong Kong, Ireland, China, and the UK. Before joining Tencent, he served as an Assistant Professor at the Nanyang Technological University and as an IRESET Fellow at IBM Research, Ireland.

Dr. Liu is also a writer and media commentator. His articles have been featured in Mingpao, HK01, Hong Kong Economic Journal, and Hong Kong Economic Times. For many years, he has been a Columnist of HK01 and an Audio Columnist of Commercial Radio Hong Kong, where he writes and speaks on international affairs and technology issues. Additionally, he has worked as an Associate Director of CRHK, overseeing the strategic development and operations of

Mr. Jacky Fung

Jacky founded the Hong Kong America Education Exchange Association in California, USA, in November 2023. This nonprofit organization aims to provide English Language Learning programs and subsidies, offer overseas educational guidance, and facilitate educational exchanges between the United States and Hong Kong: He also joined the Hong Kong Policy Research Institute (HKPRI) where he was in charge of their education projects and policy advocacy. During his ten years of service, he established the Centre for Education Research and Development and served as its first center head.


He is an experienced campaigner and researcher in the education field, focusing on global education reform, equity in education, teacher agency, values education, and business-school partnerships. He has coordinated school support and teacher professional development for over 100 primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong and Macau. Additionally, he was responsible for education projects with government offices such as the Department of Justice, Environmental Campaign Committee, Antiquities and Monuments Office, and philanthropic organizations, including the D.H. Chen Foundation, Lee Hysan Foundation, Wofoo Foundation, and Tin Ka Ping Foundation.


Apart from his research duties, Jacky is also a media host, contributing to programs on NowTV and Commercial Radio Hong Kong covering current affairs. Leveraging his professional knowledge and social network, he coordinates professional meetings, manages government relations, and oversees public engagement projects.


Dr. Benedict Chan

Dr. Benedict Chan is the Director of the Centre for Applied Ethics, Associate Dean (Postgraduate Studies) of the Faculty of Arts, and Associate Professor in the Department of Religion and Philosophy at Hong Kong Baptist University. His areas of research specialization include Applied Ethics & Moral Philosophy, Social & Political Philosophy, and Comparative Philosophy (Chinese & Western).

The information and education sectors are increasingly concerned about the ethical issues surrounding ChatGPT and AI, and corresponding measures are being proposed. This lecture explores the impact of ChatGPT and AI on information and education ethics, emphasizing the importance of handling ChatGPT and AI appropriately in the fields of information and education. Future trends and challenges will also be discussed. Speakers will share their experiences and perspectives, delving into the applications and ethical challenges of ChatGPT and AI in various domains. The lecture will cover the impact of ChatGPT on information production, dissemination, and processing; its applications in education, including instructional assistance and personalized learning; and its influence on educational ethics and academic integrity, such as automated grading and academic cheating.