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Secondary School Talks / 中學講座

10 Aug 2023 - 31 May 2024
Secondary School Talk
Secondary School Talks / 中學講座
10 Aug 2023 - 31 May 2024

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Secondary School Talks 

Department of Religion & Philosophy


In keeping with the University’s mission, the Department of Religion and Philosophy is committed to delivering globally relevant and ethically aware teaching and research within the areas of religion, philosophy and ethics, with the aim of achieving the goal of whole person education. We also aspire to transfer knowledge to secondary school students, and our professors can provide in-school academic talks for secondary schools and introduce our curriculum for the benefit of the students. Our free-of-charge talks cover a wide range of topics across religion, philosophy and ethics, which are specially designed for the New Senior Secondary Curriculum. 


On the other hand, we have released “Ideas Series” educational videos on YouTube channel (Click here). The educational videos are related to the Ethics and Religion Studies subject and current affairs which will help secondary students to gain more understanding on the relevant subject matters. 


For more information on our talks, please refer to the suggested topics below and fill in the application form. 


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Chan at 3411-7297. 


  • All secondary schools


  • To transfer knowlege to secondary school students
  • To introduce our curriculum for the benefit of the students
  • Free of charge


  • Online / Face to face


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