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RPE Reading Scheme / 宗哲系閱讀獎勵計劃 (2023-2024)

01 Sep 2023 - 31 Aug 2024
RPE Reading Scheme / 宗哲系閱讀獎勵計劃 (2023-2024)
01 Sep 2023 - 31 Aug 2024

RPE Reading Scheme / 宗哲系閱讀獎勵計劃 (2023-2024)

Department of Religion & Philosophy


Suggested Book List    Application Form 



  • All RPE Major Students (B. A. in Religion, Philosophy & Ethics)


  • To encourage all eligible students to develop interest in reading RPE books.
  • Since the booklist contains many Chinese & introductory books on RPE, this scheme is particularly helpful for students new to RPE.


Sep 2023- Aug 2024



Prof. Kwan Kai Man ( and Dr. Lee Siu Fan (



  • Students can come to the general office at CEC1001 to borrow some books from the suggested book list.
  • The students are strongly encouraged to choose a book from the suggested book list. If he or she wants to read a book not on that book list as part of this scheme, he or she may first try to get the approval of the coordinator by providing good reasons for the choice.


Reward Scheme

  1. Each student participating in this scheme is required to finish 2 books on our list in each semester, finishing 4 in  2023-24.
  2. The student is advised to finish a book in around 2 months, and then submit a book report of around 1000 words long. Then he or she is required to discuss with a teacher in our Department for around 60 minutes about the themes in that book. When the student has completed all these requirements, he will receive a book coupon.
  3.  The process is as follow:
  • Finish the 1st book => get a coupon of $150
  • Finish the 2nd book => get a coupon of $150 + additional coupon of $100
  • Finish the 3rd book => get a coupon of $150
  • Finish the 4th book => get a coupon of $150 + additional coupon of $200
  • Total value of coupon got after finishing the whole scheme= $900 per student


How to Join This Reward Scheme (RS)?

  • The student first needs to fill in the application form (Part 1 only) to indicate his or her wish to join this reading scheme and submit it via email   
  • The student is required to borrow the 1st book, read the whole book & submit Part II of the application form (i.e. 900 -1000 words book report) to one coordinator.
  • The coordinator will find a teacher to read that book report & meet with the student.
  • After the meeting, that teacher will sign a form for the student to confirm the completion of requirements for the 1st book.
  • The student will take the signed form to the REL Office at CEC1001 to get the book coupon.
  • The student can then borrow the 2nd book, and starts another cycle like above, & so on.


Classification of RPE Books

Religious Studies (R)

  • Religion & Life (RRL)
  • Religion & Society (RRS)
  • Religious Doctrines (RRD)
  • Comparative Religion (RCR)
  • Christian Studies (RCS)
  • Interdisciplinary Study (RIS)
  • Others (RO)

Philosophy (P)

  • Critical Thinking (PCT)
  • Introductory Topics in Philosophy (e.g., Meaning of Life) (PIT)
  • History of Philosophy (PHP)
  • Major Philosophers (PMP)
  • Philosophical Theories (PPT)
  • Others (PO)

Ethics (E)

  • Ethical Theories (EET)
  • Social Philosophy (ESP)
  • Ethical issues (EEI)
  • Social issues (ESI)
  • Others (EO)