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LIF2021 – 6th Annual Conference of Logos International Forum: Faith & Vocation in a Time of Transition

08 May 2021
ConferenceCentre for Sino-Christian Studies
poster of Faith and Vocation in a Time of Transition
08 May 2021
10:00 - 16:30
Zoom Meeting, link will be informed through email

Faith and Vocation in a Time of Transition


The world is changing. In the last year, it has changed faster than ever seemed possible. What place does faith have in such times? And what role should faith play? This one-day online conference brings together academics and professionals, from Hong Kong and around the world, to engage with key issues.


The morning has a joint session discussing faith as it relates to natural science and engineering, social science, and business.


The afternoon has three separate tracks:
     Science and Engineering,
     Social Science,


Opening   10:00 – 10:10am


Joint Morning Session   10:00am – 12:45pm
Science & Engineering, Social Sciences, and Business.


“Faith & Vocation In A Time Of Transition”
– The Geo-spiritual Landscape of the Great Commission
– No Bridge is Too Far to Build
– Awana Ministry in Family and Parenting
– Serving God through Social Work Education and Practice 
– Bionic Human and the Future of Being Human
– How will Artificial Intelligence impact the 21st Century?    


Lunch break   12:45 – 1:30pm


Afternoon Parallel Sessions   1:30 – 4:15pm


Science & Engineering Track 
“Bringing Christianity To Bear On Science & Engineering”

– The Calling of a Christian Academic in Science
– Human Gene Modification – playing God? 
– Living in a connected world – internet of things, smart sensors & autonomous vehicles
– Possible Insufficiency of the Principle of Non-overlapping Magisteria  


Social Sciences Track
 “A Time to Rebuild, Reconnect and Re-engage For Tomorrow” 

– Challenges and strategies of adoptive parents: an invisible family type in Hong Kong
– Working out the salvation of privilege in elite schools: A time capsule study of minority students in Asia
– The Dark Side of Parenting: When Parents’ Self-Worth Depends on Children’s Performance
– Building bridges for Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese students in higher education for desired futures in post-conflict Hong Kong


Business Track
 “Evidence-based Servant Leadership for Organizational Transformation”

– Superior business performance indicators based on empirical research
– Proven and measurable practical results
– How faith-based servant leadership transforms Chinese companies?
– Why a MA program in Leadership continues to attract executives in Asia after 10 years?
– The program founder and the lead faculty will tell the story. 


Joint Closing Session   4:15 – 4:30 pm



We are thankful for the participation of academics and professionals both from Hong Kong and from overseas institutions.

The overall conference is organised by the Logos International Forum (LIF).

The science track is co-ordinated by the Faith and Science Collaborative Research Forum (FaSCoRe) and the Society For Science & Religion in Asia (SSRA). We are also grateful to The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion for their involvement.

The business track is co-ordinated by Hong Kong Professional and Educational Services (HKPES), which is also providing assistance with online registration.

HKBU Centre for Sino-Christian Studies (CSCS) is managing the online platform for the virtual conference.



Coordinator: Celeste Yuen (CUHK)

Tel:  (852) 3943 3038