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ARTPEACE - Art-Tech Exhibition 《Somewhere on the Sea》and Dialogue with Artists (Apr 7-17)

31 Mar - 30 Apr 2022
Centre for Sino-Christian StudiesOthers

Hong Kong Baptist University Christian Emphasis Week Art Exhibition

《Somewhere on the Sea》


With the theme of peacebuilding, the exhibition attempts to reveal the tension between ideals and reality, explore the feasibility of actualizing peace in this generation, and provide a chance for the audience to think whether peace is a utopian fantasy or a possibility in this world. At the same time, by focusing on the profound connections between people in today's ever-changing era, it tries to open different angles on peace.


The concept of "Somewhere on the sea" comes from the story of Noah's Ark in the Bible. When the rain stopped, Noah waited for the flood to recede in the ark, and sent a dove many times to find a flat land to land on. Noah's wait and the dove's search in the air symbolize the state of the unknown and perplexity among people of this era. Although they have not seen it, hope should still be the foundation of their actions, believing that they will end up somewhere on the sea. It can be found, or the seeds of peace can be planted somewhere on the sea, above the water.


Opening & Dialogue:

Date:7/4/2022 ( Thur)


Online Broadcast



Exhibition Period:

7-17/4/2022, 12:00 - 18:00



Parallel Space(G/F 202, Tai Nan Street, Sham Shui Po) (Parallel_Space)


Participating Artists:

Amy Kwai-yuen Cheng (Overlapping Creations)

Frank Tang

Tsz-ho Chan (Calvin Sebastian) (被眷顧的草花頭)

Zoe Siu (Zo-ee)

Annie Lai-kuen Wan (Associate Professor of Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU)

Daniel Chak-kwong Lau (Associate Professor and Associate Director (Research) of Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU) (Daniel Lau Calligraphy)


Curatorial Team:

Alison Long-yan Chan (藝人行旅 Alison's Artistic Adventures)

Amy Kwai-yuen Cheng (Overlapping Creations)

Sally Leung (Visualizer)


* The events are subject to change due to COVID-19. Please stay tuned for the latest updates on our social media platforms.


Organized by: The Chaplain’s Office of HKBU, Wellness Oasis

Co-organized by: The College of International Education of HKBU, Centre for Sino-Christian Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University, CEDAR Fund  (Cultivating Peace), Co-Curricular Learning


Sponsored by: Tin Ka Ping Foundation, Y. K. Jim Charitable Foundation

Venue partner: Parallel_Space





Opening & Dialogue 1: Imagine Peace


Peace-loving artist Yoko Ono once created an artwork about peace, "Imagine Peace Tower", to arouse people's imagination of peace. In this exhibition "Somewhere on the Sea", participating artists also try to present different aspects of peace through artworks. What role does art play in peacebuilding work? In this dialogue, the audience are invited to join in the conversation between artists and peacebuilding workers, to explore the relationship between art and peace, so as to imagine peace from a new perspective.


Date:7/4/2022 (Thur)


Time:20:00 - 21:30




Online broadcast @hkbucew FB page


*BU students please register CCL (Link:



Amy Cheng, Artist

Tsz-ho Chan (Calvin Sebastian), Artist

Wai-luen Kwok , Associate Dean of Arts (Undergraduate Studies), HKBU

Edward Lai, Senior Programme Officer, CEDAR Fund



Sally Leung, Curator Visualizer


Introduction of Speakers:


Amy Kwai-yuen Cheng, Overlapping Creations

Amy Kwai-yuen Cheng graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University, Visual Arts (Hons) in 2010. She focuses on ink art and community art. She believes that art is a heavenly gift that everyone shares, and embraces all different thoughts and feelings. Art makes the world a better place. She wishes to walk with people through her artworks and invites the audience to take an active participation in her artworks.


Tsz-ho Chan (Calvin Sebastian) 被眷顧的草花頭

Focusing on daily teaching, theology studies and taking care of the family for the past ten years, creating arts seems to be put aside by Tsz-ho Chan (Calvin Sebastian). Until 2021, when his youngest daughter entered school, Chan began having more private time, he was determined to focus more on arts as a compensation for the missing decade. Daily life sparks inspiration. Creation drives him to notice the beauty and goodness in life.


Wai-luen Kwok, Cultivating Peace

Dr. Wai-luen Kwok is the Associate Dean of Arts (Undergraduate Studies) of Hong Kong Baptist University, Associate Professor of the Department of Religion and Philosophy, and teacher in charge of the “Cultivating Peace” Project.


Edward Lai, Ka ChunCEDAR Fund

Edward Lai is the Senior Programme Officer of CEDAR Fund. He is keen to integrate the experience of international peace work and explore various possibilities for peacebuilding.

From 2015 to 2017, he pursued a Master degree in peace and conflict studies in Europe, and then went to Rwanda for an internship to learn how the local communities affected by the haze of the genocide against the Tutsi embarked the difficult journey of reconciliation.





Exhibition Dialogue II ~ They, he/she and I


Peacebuilding emphasizes dialogue and relationship. When artists step into the crowd to serve, what kind of connection will they have with the people they serve and the local community? How can their relationship be transformed in arts? This dialogue will start from the perspectives of post-millennials, post-80s and senior artists, through cross-generational frontline service experience, to depict an in-depth picture of inner being and methods of practicing peace.

Date: 2022.04.14 (Thu)

Time: 20:00 - 21:30



Online broadcast @hkbucew FB page。


*BU students please register CCL:


Evelyna Liang Kan,  Community Artist, Founder of "Art for All"
Keithley Hei-chi Leung, Culinary Student
Thomas Wing-yin Yuen, Artist, Art Educator


Alison Long-yan Chan, Curatorial team member, Arts Pastor @cheerful.alison


Introduction of Speakers:

Evelyna Liang Kan @evelynayee

For the past 40 years, Evelyna Liang Kan has been feverishly pushing forward community art in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Asia - using art to help the needy and underprivileged communities. She had founded the "Art in the Camp" project in the late 80's, bringing art activities into the Vietnamese detention Camp, providing proper art education for the Vietnamese Camp children. In the early 90's, she founded the "Art in Hospital" in Hong Kong, and brought forward the idea of art and health in all communities, organized therapeutic arts projects to bring closer the relationship between health care personnel, social services, staff, patients and artists alike. She then founded "Art for All" in 2001, a charitable Community Art organization, aiming to use art to empower all, for a better, harmonious inclusive society, to respect oneself and for all.
For the past decade, Evelyna used therapeutic expressive arts to help the battered society in the aftermath of the earthquake zone and tsunami-affected regions, developed arts programs in migrant worker's children schools, and trained up social and community workers to employ arts as part of community development. Her most recent research is on the use of therapeutic expressive arts for elderly and those suffering from dementia. She curated exhibitions on the subject and won several international awards on "Art and Health".
Evelyna exhibited extensively around Hong Kong and Asia. In her own personal work, she addresses mostly on community and self. Her interest has extended into the area of “Healing through Art” using ordinary daily objects to raise concern on the relationship between countries and between men/women/citizens/human/nature and the environment.


Keithley Hei-chi Leung @lhc_heichi @bushman_kitchen_hk

A culinary arts student. Keithley devotes himself to promote connection in community and in cultures through culinary arts. He is currently studying Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Culinary Arts and Management at Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong. He has participated in different cultural exchange programs including trips to Mainland China during 2017-19 and the Middle-East in 2021-22 Winter.


Thomas Wing-yin Yuen @yuen.thomas

As an artist and facilitator, Thomas focuses on Special Education Needs in his art education path. He is one of the members of the Art for All team, leading workshops and training sessions in different communities and countries, including Germany, China, India, etc.