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A Taste of Student Life at Cambridge (Application Deadline : 29 Feb 2024)

18 Jan - 29 Feb 2024
A Taste of Student Life at Cambridge: Faraday Institute Enrichment Programme on Science and Religion  (Application Deadline : 29 Feb 2024)

A Taste of Student Life at Cambridge:
Faraday Institute Enrichment Programme on Science and Religion


  • Location    

Cambridge, United Kingdom


  • Host Institution 

 The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, United Kingdom 

  • Brief Description of the Programme

This programme aims at providing an enrichment through immersion in the contemporary intellectual dialogue between science and religion, facilitated by the professional staff of The Faraday Institute and Cambridge University faculty. Students will be accommodated in one of the Cambridge Colleges.


The programme aims to enhance and enrich the students’ total learning experience and personal development through engagement with the science and religion dialogue in order to:

•    Sharpen their critical intellectual enquiry;
•    Engage them in tackling intellectual issues over which there may be divergent views;
•    Enhance their skills in guided self-directed study;
•   Through critical self-reflection to develop a greater understanding of others whilst at the same time developing a view of their own;
•  Enrich their intercultural understanding and experience of global citizenship through being part of the Cambridge University community;
•   Develop their skills in communication and collaboration.

Because the total group size will be small (3-5 students) most of the teaching and learning will take place via seminars and tutorials. This means that the level of teaching and interaction will be intense, but on the other hand there will be a high level of private study. In practice this will have two important outcomes:

  • Students will benefit from more direct engagement with their tutors;
  • Students will develop a high level of independent learning skills – through their guided supervisions.

In addition there will be site visits/ field trips for experiential learning and the placing of taught topics into a broader cultural context.

Students will be assessed by their engagement in seminar presentations and tutorials, reflective journals and through written essays. Private study sessions will include reading set books and journal articles but also accessing the extensive video archive of Faraday lectures where the topic for consideration is taught in depth.

During their stay, HKBU students will be hosted as “visiting international students” at a college of the University of Cambridge. This will integrate HKBU students as part of the undergraduate community at the University of Cambridge. HKBU students will be able to participate in student activities and make use of the facilities available at the college.

  • Eligibility

- RPE majors, MPhil students and PhD students of HKBU Department of Religion and Philosophy

- Proficiency in English to a minimum of IELTS level 6 or equivalent 
- Interest in science and religion are essential
- Additional interest in philosophy are desirable
* Priority will be given to undergraduate students!!

  • Duration

10 weeks or 1-semester between 26 August 2024 –  25 May 2025
Semester 1: August 2024 – December 2024
Semester 2: January 2025 – May 2025


  • Option and Tuition Fee
Option AOption B
  • Taught course for 1 semester (15 weeks) 
  • 3 modules plus essay
  • Short taught course for 10 weeks 
  • 2 modules plus essay
  • Costs: Approximately GBP 19,000 in total, including tuition fee, College fee, accommodation and basic living expenses. 
  • Costs: Approximately GBP 16,000 in total, including tuition fee, College fee, accommodation and basic living expenses.


  • Scholarship

The Department will provide a scholarship to ONE student admitted to the Programme by the Faraday Institute to support his or her costs of accommodation and tuition fee. The amount of the scholarship is GBP 15,000. The recipient will be required to pay any difference between the amount of Programme fees and the amount of subsidy provided by the Department. 

The recipient of the scholarship will be selected based on his or her academic performance and demonstrated financial needs.

  • Other Costs

Students are fully responsible for their inbound and outbound transportation costs, visas (if applicable), and all other living expenses, which may be incurred during the study/visiting period including, but not limited to, meals, healthcare and medicine, books and supplies, and other non-academic or non-obligatory facilities. They are also required to subscribe to adequate health insurance and any other insurance.


  • Credit Transfer

Students may apply for credit transfer at HKBU after successful completion of the Programme in the Faraday Institute.  The maximum number of transferrable credits is 12 units for Option A and 9 units for Option B. Please note that research postgraduate students will not be applicable for credit transfer.

Information Session

  • Date:  1  Feb 2024 (Thu)
  • Time: 6:00 - 7:00pm
  • Venue:  CEC1002
  • Guests: Dr. Ip Pui Him of the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion & Mr. Chan Kam Ho of Department of Religion and Philosophy
  • Host: Dr. George Mak


If you are interested in joining the tour and would like to get more updated information about the logistic and requirement of the tour, please make the online registration at by  31 Jan 2024.


  • Application Deadline (for the Programme)

5pm, 29 February 2024 (Thu)


  • Application Method

Please provide the following documents and information:

(1) Your latest CV

  • Please outline your qualifications (including place of education, nature of qualification, academic achievement, English proficiency), other noteworthy achievements, and other relevant experience. It would be helpful if you indicate what common core modules you have undertaken at HKBU and what results (if any) you have achieved for the modules.

(2) An application letter / personal statement

  • You can submit either a ‘letter’ (i.e. with formal addressee and letter heads) or a personal statement. It is important that this document outlines (a) reasons for wanting to study Science & Religion, (b) reasons for wanting to study at the Faraday Institute in Cambridge, (c) how this course might fit into your personal and future academic development (if relevant). The purpose of this statement is to give you an opportunity to communicate your passion for the topic and your suitability for undertaking this course. You will be given further opportunities to elaborate on this further in the interview, based on the materials you have submitted.

(3) Your grade record at HKBU

(4) Your choice of option (Option A or B), semester (Semester 1 or 2) 

(5) Whether you would like to apply for the Department’s scholarship, and if yes, a 250-word statement of financial needs 

Please email the above documents and information to on or before the deadline.


  • Selection Process

After the application deadline, the Department will draw up a shortlist for the Programme. The shortlisted applicants will be invited to an online admission interview with the Faraday Institute in early March 2024. Interviewee(s) will be notified of the results in late March 2024.

* Before submitting your application, please read the important documents below:


 Factsheet to Students                      Leaflet of the Enrichment Programme from the Faraday Institute 



Tel: 3411-7280



* The Department of Religion and Philosophy and the Faraday Institute reserve the right to accept and reject applications.