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Message from the Head

The Department of Religion and Philosophy at Hong Kong Baptist University is home to a vibrant community of dedicated scholars from different cultural and intellectual backgrounds, driven by their forward-looking vision for improving the wellbeing of humankind.


We pride ourselves in our diverse, innovative, and interdisciplinary research ethos. In addition to engaging in traditional intellectual, existential, and spiritual questions, our research delves into new areas of inquiry. For example, in response to contemporary global and technological challenges, we have extended our research to the fields of AI ethics and biomedical ethics.


Our B.A. (Hons) in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics programme (RPE) is the first of its kind not only in Hong Kong but also in Asia. The combined study of religion, philosophy, and ethics affirms the interrelatedness of philosophical and religious questions regarding public life, and the age-old human quest for meaning and truth. Our programme gives students the opportunity to explore these topics that have fascinated thinkers throughout the ages from a uniquely interdisciplinary point of view. We appreciate the importance of interdisciplinary study in solving the complex problems of modern society. Students in this programme will learn to cultivate their critical thinking skills, as well as their ability to engage in dialogue with people of different worldviews respectfully and effectively. They will develop the capacities to discover, define, analyse, and articulate challenging issues in the world, and meet these challenges with the knowledge gained throughout the course of study. We strive to nurture our students’ passion for creativity, intellectual excellence, and whole person development. Our taught postgraduate programme, M.A. in Ethics and Public Affairs, and research postgraduate programmes, M.Phil. and Ph.D., offer students robust academic training in the fields of philosophy and religious studies.


Our Christian heritage and appreciation for Chinese Confucian educational ideals is reflected in our strong commitment to building a caring learning community, facilitated by close and supportive relationships between teachers and students. We offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities, such as overseas study tours, reading groups, evening talks, field trips, summer internships, as well as high table dinners, through which we hope to enrich students’ university life. We believe that through an all-rounded liberal arts education as such, we can follow through with the University’s vision of delivering academic excellence in a caring, creative, and global culture.


We welcome any students who are interested in our programme. Feel free to browse our website or get in touch at