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Message from the Head

Welcome to the website of the Department of Religion and Philosophy, home to a dedicated and internationally recognized faculty, and a place where students with curiosity, creativity, and intellectual joy strive for academic excellence.


Our B.A. (Hons) in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics programme (RPE) specializes in three different but closely related disciplines, namely, religion, philosophy, and ethics. It is the first-of-its-kind not only in Hong Kong but also in Asia.  As a multidisciplinary programme, RPE offers an opportunity for students to learn how to define and analyse values and how to deploy knowledge to address critical and complex problems in the world today.


In keeping with the University’s mission, the Department is committed to delivering globally relevant and ethically aware teaching and research within the areas of religion, philosophy and ethics, with the aim of achieving the goal of “whole person education”.


The Department is actively creating all kinds of extracurricular activities such as the Month of RPE, High Table Dinner, student reading groups, the European Study Tour, and the Silk Road Study Tour so that students can enhance their life experiences beyond the classroom.


We care about our students’ well-being on the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional levels both inside and outside our programme. We emphasize a close relationship between teachers and students in keeping with the Department’s long-standing Christian tradition, along with the Confucian educational ideal.


We welcome any students who are interested in our programme. Feel free to browse our website and contact us.