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Dr. ZHANG, Ellen Ying


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Dr. Ellen Y. Zhang: Associate professor in the Department of Religion and Philosophy at HKBU; Research Fellow, the Centre for Applied Ethics, HKBU and editor-in-chief for International Journal of Chinese and Comparative Philosophy of Medicine. Recent publications include “On Human Rights and Freedom in Bioethics: A Philosophical Inquiry in Light of Buddhism,” “Vulnerability, Compassion, and Ethical Responsibility: A Buddhist Perspective on the Phenomenology of Illness and Health”, “‘Weapons Are Nothing but Ominous Instruments’: The Daodejing’s View on War and Pea ce ” , “ The Ethic of Givenness: An Ethical Dimension of Jean-Luc Marion’s Theology of Gift and the Buddhist Principle of Dana,” and “ The Common Good in Moism: A Reconstruction of Mozi’s Ethics of ‘Inclusive Care’ and ‘Reciprocal Well-Being’”.


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