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Dr. Mary Jean Walker

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My research interests include bioethics, philosophy of medicine, and personal identity.

Previously, I have worked on emerging biotechnology ethics, overdiagnosis, defining disease, the epistemology of surgery, therapeutic goods regulation, and drug policy. My doctorate examined psychological continuity and narrative theories of personal identity.

Plan for future research include projects on ethical and epistemic issues related to personalised medicine, and the ethics of recreational drug use. In the longer term, I also plan to continue work on narrative identity.

 I. Education
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Macquarie University, 2010
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons), University of Sydney, 2004
 II. Work History
  • Research Fellow, Monash University, 2016-19
  • Research Fellow, Macquarie University, 2014-16
  • Research Officer, Australian National Council on Drugs, 2011-14
 III. Selected Publications

Walker MJ, Bourke JL, Hutchison K. 2019. Evidence for personalized medicine: Mechanisms, correlation, and new kinds of black box. Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 40(2):103-121.

Walker MJ. 2019. Two senses of narrative unification. Philosophical Explorations 22(1): 78-93.

Walker MJ. 2018. On replacement body parts. Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 16(1):61-73.

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Walker MJ. 2018. Patient-specific devices and population-level evidence: Evaluating therapeutic interventions with inherent variation. Medicine, Healthcare and Philosophy 21(3): 335-45. 

Rogers WA, Walker MJ. 2017. The line-drawing problem in disease definition. Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 42(4): 405-23.

Walker MJ, Rogers WA. 2017. Defining disease in the context of overdiagnosis. Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 20(2): 269-80.

Walker MJ, Rogers WA, Entwistle V. 2014. Ethical justifications for access to unapproved medical interventions: an argument for (limited) patient obligations. American Journal of Bioethics 14(11): 3-15.

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Walker MJ. 2012. Neuroscience, self-understanding, and narrative truth. AJOB Neuroscience 3(4): 63-74.

Walker MJ, Townley C. 2012. Contract cheating: A new challenge for academic honesty? Journal of Academic Ethics 10(1): 27-44.

Walker MJ. 2010. Addiction and self-deception: A method for self-control? Journal of Applied Philosophy 27(3): 305-319.

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