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Dr. Chan, Sze Chi


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 I. Education
  • Ph.D., in Systematic Theology, King's College London, University of London, 1997
  • Bachelor of Divinity (1st Class Honour), University of Aberdeen, Britain, 1985-88
  • Certificate in Education, University of Hong Kong, 1982
  • Bachelor of Science (2nd Class Division B Honour), University of Hong Kong, 1977-80
 II. Self-description (up until 2008)

I initially graduated with a B.Sc. in biology in the University of Hong Kong, and then went on to study for a B.D. in Aberdeen, Scotland under Prof. James B. Torrance, and a Ph.D. in systematic theology in King's College London under the supervision of the late Prof. Colin E. Gunton. I now teach general education subjects. This year, I will teach some other major religious studies subjects like Christianity & Chinese Culture. I write various newspaper articles commenting on current local and global issues. I love travel, films and like to mix with students and also participate in various social movements.

 III. Career
  • From 1992 onwards, Assistant Lecturer, Assistant Professor, then Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Religion & Philosophy, Hong Kong Baptist University, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong.
  • 1983-85 Student Worker for university & college students, The Fellowship of Evangelical Students, St. Andrew’s Christian Centre, Tsimshatsui, Hong Kong.
  • 1980-83 Graduate Master & Biology Panel Chairman, Cheng Chek Chee Secondary School of Sai Kung & Hang Hau District, N.T., Hong Kong.
 III. Courses Taught

Present Course Taught:

  • R.P. 1190 Science Technology & Society
  • R.P. 1420 Religious Quest in Films
  • R.P. 1430 Romantic Love in Chinese & Western Philosophy
  • REL 3230 Christianity & Chinese Culture

Past Course Taught:

  • R.P. 1050 Introduction to Christianity
  • R.P. 1130 Great Thinkers on Life
  • R.P. 2240 Philosophy of Christian Religion
  • REL 2240 History of Christian Thought
  • REL 2740 Contemporary Theological Currents

(Co-teaching) A Course on Hong Kong Society & Values for foreign exchange students, Hong Kong Baptist University

 IV. Research Interests
  • Socio-political Issues of Hong Kong Society(香港社會政治議題)
  • Gay & other Human Rights (同性戀及弱勢社群人權)
  • Euthanasia (安樂死)
  • Globalization & Post-modernity(全球化與後現代性)
  • Systematic Theology of the Christian Religion(基督教神學家)
  • Theology of Culture(文化神學)
  • Christianity and Chinese Culture (基督教與中國文化)
 V. Research Grant/Award/Professional Service
  • Dept. Representative to Arts Faculty Outreach Committee
    University Honorary Scholar for the School of Continuing Education, Hong Kong Baptist University (1998-2000).
  • External Examiner, College of International Education, Hong Kong Baptist University
  • Member of Recruitment Interviewing Board, The School of Continuing Education, Hong Kong Baptist University
  • As reviewer of the Dao Fung Journal(道風, 2007)
  • As reviewer of the Jian Dao Journal (建道學刊, 2003)
  • Management Board Member of the Hong Kong Christian Institute and Advisor to its journal Reflection(思), Hong Kong
  • Advisor, Christians for Hong Kong Society, Hong Kong
  • Advisor to the Student Christian Movement of Hong Kong (香港基督徒學生運動)
  • Exco member, Federation of Hong Kong Higher Education Staff Associations
  • Member of University Education Concern Group
  • Guest Lecturer, Open University, Hong Kong.
 VI. Publications/Creative Outputs

1. Book Chapters:

  • 2008 《香港基督教右派的意識形態》衝突與融合:後九七的香港教會與社會,陳慎慶等著,香港基督徒學會,6/2008,頁31 - 40。
  • 2007 《基督徒關社的真純實踐 (Authentic Practice) 》,關社廿載情—基督徒關懷香港學會二十週年紀念文集,香港:基督徒關懷香港學會,10/2007,頁28-31。
  • 2006《憶吾師》,三一、創造、文化—根頓神學的詮釋,趙崇明主編,香港:基道出版社,12/2006,頁14 - 25。
  • 2006《助人者的無助與自助》微光處處,曾家達、梁玉麒編,香港社會工作者總工會,2006年11月pp.238-248。
  • 2006《福音派教會將自己與同性戀者深陷斷背山》,看得見的真相—香港同志平權報告,香港基督徒學會、基恩之家、性權會、f’union,5/2006,頁50 - 57。原刊於 思,第99期,5/2006,香港基督徒學會,頁28-38。
  • 2006《南亞海嘯的進一步反思》,念集,香港浸會大學學生關懷南亞海嘯出版委員會,5/2006,頁31-36。

2. Other Forms of Scholarship:

  • 2007《香港基督教右派之意識形態》,思,106期 (2007 年 9 月) pp.19-25
  • 2007《教育事業的官僚化與商業化》,時代論壇,第1035期,1/7/2007,香港:基督教時代論壇有限公司,頁15。
  • 2007《社論》,明天日報,1/7/2007,頁A2,Ampost/Artmap藝術地圖/Roundtable出版。
  • 2007 “Revelations from the Hong Kong Institute of Education Inquiry” in Newsletter of HK Christian Institute, Issue 225, Jun 2007, published by the HK Christian Institute, p.
  • 2007《這個冬夜.新生代的期許滿天星》,思,第103期,1/2007,香港基督徒學會,頁38-42。
  • 2006 訪問,見於《學者:世貿失去功能,香港宣言無突破》,新報人,第4期,25/2/2006,香港:浸會大學新聞系,頁2。
  • 2005 Reporting, in “Loud and Clear on Love and Sex”, The Young Reporter, Vol. 38, Issue 2, Nov. 2005, Hong Kong: Dept. of Journalism, School of Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University.
  • 2005《新聞媒體下的社會議程》,學會報,第 6 期 (2005年11月),香港基督徒學會,p.1
  • 2005《青年人起來學習人生大事!大學學者談中西愛情觀》,公教報,7/7/2005,香港:天主教香港區主教,頁9。
  • 2005《「從西九到文化政策--基督徒的思考」座談會18/3/2005》,思,第94期,5/2005,香港基督徒學會,頁16-23,as one of the discussant。
  • 2005《夾縫中的天主教會,面對後現代嚴峻挑戰的新教宗》,Ming Pao Weekly, No. 1900, 9/4/2005,頁44。
  • 2005《超越趙紫陽作為悲劇人物的宿命思維》,Ming Pao Weekly, No. 1889, 22/1/2005.,頁40-41。
  • 2005《培養本土經濟 反擊官商勾結》 Ming Pao Daily, 16/1/2005,頁?。
  • 2005《2005:我們往何處去:兩種文明的衝突——後期資本主義困局的開始》,Ming Pao Weekly, No. 1886, 1/1/2005.,頁46-47。
  • 2004《從名嘴風波看香港的言論自由及公民空間(Civil Space)》,思,第92期,11/2004,香港基督徒學會,頁32-38。
  • 2004《61.8% 拒中央代理人》,明報周刊,No. 1871, 18/9/2004, 香港:明報有限公司,頁32。

3. Tape(錄音帶)

  • 《從911事件看基督徒的政治良心》,香港:基道文字事工有限公司,11/2001。

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